Transgenic products and consumers’ right

(Transgenic) refers to fauna that have been genetically manipulated.

Genetically modified crops was generalized in the 70s. And in the 90s it is produced economically massive. It always has been encountered with doubt.

GMO crops have been always for mass sales, including oilseeds, rice, corn and wheat.

In Iran, complied with the Cartagena Protocol, the National Biosafety Law was approved in 1388. Some of the requirements in the law, including "GMO labeling on genetically modified crops ".

But the big question is why, despite the legality, the principle has not been implemented?

Many agricultural and food products which are sold to the public, raw or processed, contain GMO agricultural products.

And people are unknowingly paid the equivalent of a natural product to buy this product. While the price of GM crops is less than a third in the world market.

Now the question is whether knowing isn’t people’s right?!

* Gholamreza Miraki - safety and environmental management Ph. D.

Source: Earth website online